What’s your Pre-existing Condition?

Pre-existing conditions are the raging issue du jour; politicians are denying, lying or ignoring the issue as it relates to their congressional vote on repealing and replacing Obama Care. Guess what? We all have them. Buy a used car, what hidden repairs are needed? Buyer beware. How about Volkswagen? Their cover up of an emissions defeat software cost the company $22 billion, a big surprise for stockholders and an issue for some VW owners.

On a whim, I decided to list a few pre existing conditions, a.k.a. baggage, to which one might be exposed: lousy credit, bankruptcy, student loan debt, control issues, racism, hoarding, immigration status, victim of abuse, STD’s, traumatic brain injury, PTSD, alcoholism,  workaholism, OCD, affairs, tax evasion, pathological lying, compulsive gambling, low self esteem, porn addiction, eating disorder, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, DUI, misdemeanor, felony, being on probation or heaven forbid having a family member incarcerated; the list can go on and on. So what’s your pre-existing condition?

Here’s an interesting question: if it is all about you, as it seems for many these days, what then do you really stand for? What are you prepared to forgive or sacrifice, for somebody else? This isn’t digital, this is visceral; a real world selfie. If a loved one stuns you and everyone else with a previously unknown OMG situation or toxic decision with legal ramifications, are you in or out? Will it be fight or flight?  What’s the call? Talk is cheap.

A few will hang in there, others shun and shame, some forgive, there are those who will cut and run while some are simply overwhelmed by the situation. If you are stunned by another’s pre-existing condition, reach out, seek help, get wisdom and guidance from people with street cred. There still is hope and room for second chances in America. Resilience, not political bluster, is a trait people will respect and remember.

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  1. So full of the truth & many good insights! I’m enjoying reading your blog again; keep it coming! Blessings, Nancy

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