Defining Moments


As the years glide by, I see events playing out over and over again; wars, politicians, scandal and firearm violence. This last week was one for the books. Two huge Supreme Court decisions, Confederate flags coming down and a black US President singing Amazing Grace in a Charleston South Carolina church; the world watched.

When parishioners of the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston forgave Dylan Roof to his face and later that week, attended bible study in the very room where he gunned down nine innocent people, it was a display of pure grace and strength that defies words. I wonder if an atheist would be so forgiving, have comparable strength, under similar grief and duress; just asking the question.

Agree or disagree with President Obama’s policies, I don’t care. The fact is that he spoke with passion, in a church, about faith, grace, forgiveness, racism, slavery, gun violence and those for whom he eulogized. Obama addressed the nation as he spoke in that church. It was faith based, eloquent and moving; it was the right stuff from the right guy at the right time.

Disagree? How would other politicians have handled it, say Chris Christie, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Scott Walker or even Donald Trump; he’s a politician now. Perhaps we should move on from politics to something of more substance. I believe last week was utterly historic, a conflicted mixture of joy and sadness, precedent setting to say the least. In the midst of it all, our President, a Christian, sang Amazing Grace for the world to judge. I didn’t realize believing in God could still be politically correct in this cynical day and age; what a refreshing revelation.

When things get really tough, the strength gained from one’s faith is astounding; I speak from experience.  What are some of your defining moments?

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