The Puck Stops Here


Got a goaltender? The NHL Stanley Cup finals are taking place; two very good teams are tied one game each in a best of seven series. Despite frequent heroics, the game changer is often the goaltender; he is the last defender who has his team mates back.

In the hockey game of life, there are victories, defeats, penalties and injuries. So how in the world does this relate to families with somebody behind the wire you ask? I have watched hockey games where one player gets a breakaway, streaking towards the goalie, with the game on the line. What happens? Despite the odds, sometimes the goalie somehow stops the shot, it’s intense.

If a player is in the penalty box for some infraction, the puck is going to be flying towards his goalie a lot. Slap shots, deflections, screen shots, its defense for the penalized team; not offense.

If you are the one in the penalty box, your team is your family and friends; they are immediately outnumbered by the system. Surprisingly difficult shots will be sent your family’s way, deflecting hopes, dreams and plans, wearing them down. What happens? Marriages fail, phone calls and inmate visits don’t happen, letters are not written, kids move on without a parent; life just grinds on, the game of life.

However, if you and your family have faith to lean on for hope strength and sustenance that can be a game changer. Seek a goal tender who will kick out most of the hard shots life delivers, sacrificing for the team without shame, judgment or grandstanding. If you have a family member in the penalty box, be it 90 days or life, it’s nice to have another member on your team. This isn’t wild eyed bible thumping; this is real world survival, when you are taking screen shots left and right for something you did not do. Haven’t been there, don’t judge.

Bottom line, if you are weary in the game of life, find a goaltender who will have your back; that may be a true friend or sibling, a pastor, perhaps Jesus himself. Don’t assume your life dreams are on ice because of past mistakes. People will judge and snub you, ignore them despite any hurt feelings or anger; trust your goal tender, skate past the critics. When you take a hard shot and it does not cause defeat, then it’s your chance for a break way; go for it, never look back. Your goal tender has you covered.

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