Let the Son Shine

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Ever been caught in a lie? Did you double down or come clean? Tom Brady, Chris Christie, Lance Armstrong, Brian Williams all have deflated aspirations with time to reflect on their choices. Watching people in the cross hairs of scrutiny, twisting and turning to defend themselves, rightly or wrongly, is now a blood sport.

This is all fun with no repercussion until it’s your turn for a little accountability. Do you come clean and tell the truth, for all to judge, or try to bluff your way out of it? Everybody has areas of their life journey best left untouched and forgotten, that’s what makes us human. Judge others with harsh impunity then turn around is fair play; not interested? Can’t blame you, we’re all hypocrites.

Think that’s rough? Wait until the judicial process is involved, you’re front page news and you simply want to come clean and make things right. There’s nowhere to hide, you’re socially toxic and the so called American dream is in complete disarray; hey remember, do the crime do the time. So you’ve paid your debt to society, try getting a job. Sorry, we don’t hire felons until seven years after date of conviction; 62 job rejections in a row for my wife, a college grad with a Masters degree and a felony. If you are on the receiving end of justice, daily life can be messy, spiteful and very broken; but we’re all broken.

So which way would you turn when confronted about past deeds, fact or fiction? Never been there, my slate’s clean, never will be there, non issue; buckle up and put your hat on backwards, it’s just a matter of time. Whether its altered footballs, New Jersey traffic jams, blood doping or embellishment by a national news anchor; the light of day on one’s secrets is humbling. If you let the son of God shine in your life, perhaps rays of sun shine will return to your life. Forgiveness is not a blood sport; it is an infusion of hope and grace providing a second chance. Infusion or confusion, the choice is yours.

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  1. Beautifully written and inspiring!….and…as always, so True! Thank You!

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