How’s your personal bracket? I’m not talking Kentucky or Notre Dame, that’s all just a game with millionaire coaches and ego explosions. Wins, losses, setbacks and upsets, how is your personal life journey bracket holding up?

The purpose of this micro blog is to provide hope to those behinds bars, of any kind. It’s Easter, there is always hope. The news recently has been staggering, ranging from a suicidal German co-pilot, Florida guards belonging to the KKK and Liberty University fining students $10 if they did not attend the Presidential announcement of Ted Cruz at weekly convocation; all pretty hard to comprehend.

Sweet home Alabama takes the cake however, and we’re not talking Coach Sabin and the Crimson Tide. How about Anthony Ray Hinton who was released a free black man this week, after 30 years on death row for a crime he did not commit; his personal bracket really changed, finally. How does one forgive and forge on? His response below finds strength in faith. It’s amazing and sad, all at the same time.

“Mr. Hinton, during an interview in which he sometimes cried and buried his head in his hands, lashed out at the officials whose decisions he said had kept him wrongly imprisoned. “When the very people that you been taught to believe in — the police, the D.A., these are the people that are supposed to stand for justice — and when you know that they lied to you, it’s hard for you to have trust in anybody,” he said.

And, haltingly, he began to talk about mercy. “I’ve got to forgive,” he said. “I lived in hell for 30 years, so I don’t want to die and go to hell. So I’ve got to forgive. I don’t have a choice.”

Now Anthony Hinton has got it right; most other things look superficial  when you read his story.

In this era of over sharing that ignores any value in relationship beyond social media, make no mistake; life, death and injustice can overwhelm you in a heartbeat. With your life bracket in shambles, who do you lean on to survive? Your basketball coach? Twitter followers? How about getting the big guy off the bench, he’s just waiting to play center on your team. Go big or go home; no selfies with that relationship.


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