Yesterday, I went for a 90 minute walk in 27 degree weather, reflecting on my sister’s death a year ago to the day. What has and has not changed in the world, how have I changed and how my sister had an impact on all those she knew including her brother.

I am turning 65 really soon, to my dismay. Nothing I can do about it; I have my health, a wife who loves me, two great sons and a 16 foot fishing boat with water nearby, could be worse. Processing the loss of my sister Elizabeth to cancer, I am trying to appreciate life more, share wisdom I’ve learned the hard way and frankly, ponder my own mortality.

I feel my wife Patty’s career is more secure, that her opportunity to help others in her chosen ways are soaring, not as burdened as some might like, for a person with a felony conviction. Her new found opportunity is a source of real joy to me. My sister, who was always in Patty’s corner, would be thrilled.

To be honest, I am tired of shame and ignorance. Learning from those wiser then me is a privilege in my books. Here are two names you might recognize, Monica Lewinsky and Bernie Kerik. They share their journeys dealing with scandal, shame, humiliation, ignorance and even incarceration for Mr. Kerik. Please view them in the following links.

So what’s the bottom line? There is hope beyond prison, cyber bullying and public humiliation. I am slowly letting go of the anger I had for those who tried to break my wife for her mistakes. They would deny it, I don’t buy it, but it is history now. Church, fishing and walking a dog is helpful in letting this junk go.

What is more difficult to let go is my sister Elizabeth; so it’s back to church, fishing and even long hypothermic walks. Last week, 60 Minutes Overtime posted a web site tribute to Elizabeth,

I am proud of her journey. I pray she is at peace.

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A Wife’s Prison Term, a Couple’s Journey, and Freedom Keys for Every Relationship

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