Marginal is Unacceptable

time to move forward

Ever been humiliated, bullied, snubbed, assaulted or convicted? How’d that work for you? Anybody come to your side? Have you ever watched somebody get humiliated, bullied or beat up, real time? Do anything about it? Any regrets in hindsight.

Our hope is to encourage and support those who have served time, have family behind the wire or who simply seek hope in their effort to re-enter society, all with a Christian perspective. My wife served time; I have skin in the game. There is a lot going on in America these days, I’m pretty weary so today I’m going rogue.

Election Day is approaching and personally I’m fed up with vicious political campaigns fueled by special interest groups pouring millions into smearing TV ads. Puffed up politicians even feel they can quarantine a non infected nurse returning from West Africa, they know science better then healthcare professionals; really? Voter registration laws are in place in multiple states to stem voter fraud, spare me. Call it what it is people, vote suppression for political gain with a little racism for good measure. Anybody else tired of watching weekly school shootings on the national news? Was nothing learned from the loss of 20 little kids and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, December 14th 2012? Did anything change, nope. Why not? Well, the NRA and many others have serious money aka clout, so politicians often just do as they’re told; by lobbyists. Not a super donor, stand in line pal but here’s a bumper sticker for your time. Serious money talks in politics, always has, always will. God help us.

Transitioning from depression to hope, here’s some really good news. There is no Ebola epidemic in America. The incarceration binge in America is slowly winding down. An administrative housecleaning is finally taking place at Riker’s Island in New York where brutality against inmates has been the norm. Gas prices are down to $3 a gallon, the stock market remains high, unemployment is under 7% and mortgage rates are low; could be worse. Personally, my wife Patty is thriving and striving in her job and I couldn’t be prouder. It’s such a second chance and she is nailing it.

It will be meaningful to vote this Tuesday with my wife, she recently had her civil rights restored. If you can’t vote in your state as a convicted felon but you’ve done your time, you’ve been marginalized. Don’t be fooled, each of us is one really bad decision away from being on the margins, it’s a thin line. Kill somebody while driving drunk, you’re there, instantly. Here’s the take away: consider forgiveness and redemption, you might need it someday. Want hope and optimism in these unsettled times? Check out church, you might be surprised.

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A Wife’s Prison Term, a Couple’s Journey, and Freedom Keys for Every Relationship

A Wife’s Prison Term, a Couple’s Journey, and Freedom Keys for Every Relationship

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